How to find the right car for you

There is no argument that house prices have continued to rise in the last two years, making it the largest single purchase that most people will make in their lifetime. But with the average new car prices now approaching $30,000 they are certainly the second biggest purchase that many of us will make from afar. By having this in mind, you help ensure that this important decision should be made carefully and not in a hasty or hasty decision, which many car dealers seem to intimidate most of their customers.

To ensure that you do not make a mistake and that you buy the best vehicle possible for you and that it will get everything you need for you should do a little research and soul searching as well.

To get started, consider your current situation of whether you are single or a family. If you have a family and this will be the main means of transport to transport everyone out and around, then you may want to consider a minivan. For those soccer moms and hockey dads out there, the new double sliding door or even the unique sliding minivans offer serious convenience, plenty of space and decent fuel consumption given the load you handle.

If you, like many others, can’t see yourself in a minivan, you might want to consider a sport utility that’s really growing in popularity. The great thing about these vehicles is that they are available in all brands and in different price ranges to meet everyone’s budget. You choose between a smaller and cheaper sport utility like the Ford Explorer, or get into a larger vehicle like the Chevy Suburban or maybe a Ford Expedition. Either way, you have some of the convenience features of the minivan with this rugged jeep-like look.

If you are a junky outdoor mountain that likes to camp and hang out with friends in the woods or go on weekend surf trips you may consider the new nissan pathfinder sporty or other 4×4 vehicle that you need to go where you need to go without the worry of how you get back. The Pathfinder is designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind with built-in roof racks and storage bracket. But with a vehicle you’re considering not being talked about in 4-wheel drive unless you really need it and plan to use it regularly. There are some good things to consider with a 4-wheel drive like, 4-wheel drive transmissions add thousands to the price, it’s much heavier, and it also costs more money for insurance and gasoline due to reduced gas mileage.

Deciding a color may seem easy at the moment, but if you change your cars every few years, then you should keep the residual value in mind. Although many say that color is a matter of personal preference, there are some guidelines you should follow for certain types of vehicles if you are concerned about residual value. No matter what type of vehicle you buy stay away from “out of the norm” colors, such as purple or yellow, unless you plan to keep the vehicle forever. Another color that has been proven “cold” for resale in light blue or “ice blue” as it is known in the industry. If you plan to trade every 2-4 years you are much better off choosing a normal color like white, silver, beige, etc. If you are planning to buy a sports car, you will definitely want to stick with white, red or black.

For your interior choices, you choose leather, vinyl or cloth. Although leather is really fun and smells good for most, you should be the kind of person who needs time to keep the leather, also keep in mind that leather can be unbearably hot in summer and unless the chairs are heated, they are very cold in winter. If you’re planning to be in a sport utility or something, then check out the vinyl, it’s cheaper than leather, but it’s really durable and you won’t fall you’ll tear the seat every time you get in the car or truck.

You will also want to consider insurance costs when choosing a car, especially if buying for a teenager. In general, sports cars and four-wheel drive are more expensive to ensure, not to mention much more to solve if you encounter repair problems.

Another good move before going to the car dealership is to consult a local mechanic and ask them which cars they have the most problems with. They can tell which cars they see with the most problems and what are the common problems. Not only do you have an idea of which cars are good, but, more importantly, which cars to get away from! (Sorry for the pun)

So as you see, getting into a dealer and buying the first thing they push on you can be a bad move unless you have money to burn. Take the time to think about it and come up with some of your guidelines that relate to your current situation so that buying your new car is a nice one and not the nightmare of buying cars that you hear about more often than not.

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